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What is Venetian Plaster?

The use of plaster dates back 9,000 years to ancient Mesopotamian civilizations. Egyptians mixed gypsum with water to fill construction joints in pyramids. Over centuries, the addition of limestone, glues and resins to the mix yielded a marble-like plaster.


Artisans in Pompei experimented with a decorative technique called fresco, covering rough plaster walls with color and art. Venetian plaster, however, contains rich colored limestone substances within the plaster that the artisan layers onto a wall. Meticulous burnishing creates a smooth, polished finish.


Ancient Romans blended limestone with silica to develop a substance that could harden under water. It wasn't until the 15th century, however, when Venetians began using Marmarimo, a wall finish that looked like marble without the weight of the stone.

Red Venetian Plaster Wall finish

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Take a minute to explore our Gallery and our Italian Finishes to see examples of our application of this classic art form in today's homes. Then, imagine a Venetian finish on an accent wall, or an entire room, in your own homeā€“or maybe you want to consider refreshing or repairing your exterior stucco finish. Give us a call at 530.558.5009. We will work with your budget, your schedule, your color scheme to make your home a masterpiece.